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Maestro Peled gives a workshop about how to achieve all the different shades of sound that the piece demands, analyzing all

Master Teacher : Amit Peled Student:  Mariona Camats Accom. pianist:  Yveta Sabovathe fundamentals of playing: body, hands, wrists, elbows and everything concerning sound producing.

Saint-Saens "The Swan" in G Major, the 13th movement from the famous Carnivals of the Animals is one the most renown composition of Saint-Saens, moreover made famous by Mikhail Fokine, who used it to create the ballet solo choreography "The dying swan". Members can also watch the full Masterclass, in which Amit Peled goes through every shade of this very poetic piece, with special topics about different vibrato and technique for sound. Find the Masterclass here.


Master Teacher : Guillermo Scarabino Assistant: Natalia Kazaryan

Fascinating Workshop by the Argentine Conductor Guillermo Scarabino. In this lecture, he explains pianist Natalia Kazaryan how to conduct, and this could also serve as a very precious guide for every musician to understand and perform according to the impulses given by the conductor.

The main points of this lecture are: 1) Shaping the concept of the result you want and have the orchestra playing 2) Horizontal & Vertical impulses 3) From explaining in words to Gestures 4) "Spacial" sizing 5) Technical vs "Phenomenic" Accents 6) Baton, Hands, and Eyes

Musical Jewel The Art of Conducting

Discover Guillermo Scarabino's Video series and eBook "The Art of Conducting" , 22 videos and 146 pages and the most exhaustive eLearning executive work you can find about conducting. More here

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