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iClassical Academy is the first online classical music eLearning platform and operative since 2015. We are a world-class organization based in Europe, dedicated to providing conservatory-level masterclasses to students and musicians around the globe. In our Academy catalogue, you will find over 200 tutorials. At the moment, we offer four main instruments to musicians: violin, cello, piano, trumpet, but we would like to expand our horizons and add more instruments. Our Masterclasses have some of the most demanding repertoires out of all the classical instruments, and historically require the best teachers in the world to ensure that their music is performed as their composers intended.

Our 30 Academy Teachers are Professionals and come from 33 different respected institutions, such as Manhattan School of Music, Royal College of Music London, Juilliard School, Peabody Institute, Beijing Conservatory, and HEMU Lausanne, among others.

All of these teachers have just one mission: to help musicians master their music.

You can become part of that.

Our new implemented Learning Management System "musiMentor" is now opening up to new teachers who are providing music training to a worldwide audience of professionals, students, amateurs and music lovers.

How can you join? 

  1. Start reading the info on this page 
  2. If interested, please fill out the form you find at the end of this page. 

What are we looking for?

  • Courses of 8 to 12 tutorials for violin, cello, piano and other instruments.
  • Each tutorial is approximately 8 to 14 minutes in length.
  • Tutorials will be grouped into courses.
  • Each course contains from 8 to 12 tutorials, but this can be changed according to their individual needs.
  • Each course has a general aim, all oriented towards intermediate and advanced players (i.e., musicians who already know how to play), who need and want to upgrade or perfection their playing.
  • Videos MUST be ready to put on sale without further editing, (we'll provide instruction, consultancy and advice).
  • Videos are not discoverable on any other platform, site, or social media channel.
  • You can teach in your own language and if you wish, you can add English subtitles.

What do we offer? 

  • An exclusive agreement on the iClassical LMS platform.
  • The income share is 70% for you, 30% to iClassical of the revenue of your course(s).
  • Free training and consultancy about online teaching and what technical supplies to use.
  • Marketing services; the teasers and promo videos will be published on iClassical channels and shared on channels and social which belong to the teacher.
  • Part of a large community of music instructors.
  • No subscription costs.

What are your obligations?

  • Each video should have both the iClassical and your logo.
  • You will provide a high-quality video - both on teaching and technical level - using a smartphone, tablet or camera.
  • You're ready to collaborate with us in marketing actions, such as sharing posts, blogs, and every other kind of initiative we can coordinate (no cost for the teacher in any case, just participating to the marketing activity).
  • You prove to be a good and serious teacher and show this by providing us with a test video (this can be completed at a later stage).
  • Applications are accepted ONLY by filling out the form below.

Join our team by filling out the form below.

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