musiMentor Course – Piano Class on Bach 2-part Invention n.10


Instructor: Fernanda Machado

Who can take this course? Anyone who loves to play the piano, have a good knowledge on reading notes on grand staff and basic rhythms, can learn from this course. (In the course solvege exercises are used).

Special Launch Price of $16.99 !

Understand, learn, practice, create your unique interpretation, and perform on a high artistic level Bach’s 2-part invention n.10 in up to 15 days. A more than 2-hour-long course, worth at least 15 regular piano lessons. Video lessons with multi camara view to enhance your eLearning experience. The course include:

  • 15 video lessons – Total time more than 2 hours
  • 15 exclusive performance videos
  • Check your work sections
  • Supplemental material in pdf format, including a Sample
  • Henle Library sheet music.
  • Exclusive Henle Library learning layers


  • Introduction
  • Learning Plan
  • Context for deeper understanding
  • Tools: musical elements and pianistic technique
  • Solfeggio practices
  • Tips and Tricks: structure and art
  • Science it up: understanding the text
  • Mind and Hands-on Practicing: 8 videos to guide you step by step through the music
  • Conclusion: celebrate, keep improving, and register your course completion.


musiMentor Course – Piano Class on Bach 2-part Invention n.10 ultima modifica: da iClassical Foundation

Join Fernanda Machado and her Bach 2-part Invention N.10 course now! Special Launch Price of $ 16.99 until November 12th, 2019. (Normal price of the course $34.99)

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