Course | Other I Conductor & Soloist – Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3


Instructor: Guillermo Scarabino

Guillermo Scarabino was Director of Artistic Production of the Teatro Colon Buenos Aires for many years. He is a Maestro with more than 45+ years experiences and a well-respected conductor worldwide.

This course is for starting conductors and piano soloists and anyone who is interested to find out more about the art of conducting!

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Conductor & Soloist - The Complete Analysis

Maestro Scarabino analyses all the aspects of the musical and artistic relationship between the Conductor and the Soloist. Each of the 16 Chapters is dedicated to a specific argument, starting from the understanding of Tempos. Through every kind of dynamics, accenting and balancing of sound and orchestration, with a very precious dissertation about the motivations that drove Beethoven himself to write the manuscript as he did, and the kind of freedom that a conductor can have. An important milestone course both for starting conductors and soloists about how to approach and develop the whole challenge of Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3.


  • Tempos (2 parts)
  • Sound and Orchestration
  • "Espressione"
  • "Largo" and "Lento"
  • "Andante comfortable"
  • Length of phrases and trigger notes
  • "Ritardando", "Calando" and Manuscript notations
  • Phenomenical accents
  • Conductor/Soloist comunication
  • Rhythm and Bars
  • Spacing in conducting
  • Freedom in Tempo
  • According to Beethoven (2 parts)
  • Cadenza and surroundings

16 videos, for a total running time of 170',

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