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"Vibrato is a motor, and I offer the whole process to build it. Don't miss any step of it!"

Violin Vibrato Trainer

43 videos, divided into 17 Lessons, including Instructional, Workout and Graduation videos.

The Vibrato Trainer is designed to take the student through the ENTIRE process of learning vibrato. It not only instructs the student as to the “What and How” of doing vibrato, but it also provides musical workout videos for PRACTICING vibrato.

Practicing vibrato is now fun and engaging because the muscles will develop to music, making learning easier and ensuring proper technique from the beginning.

Self-guiding students frequently try to use vibrato on their own.

The mind says, “This looks easy. A little wiggle and shake should do the trick”.
The body says, “Why is this so hard, why can’t I do this, and why don’t I sound like Joshua Bell!?”

Eventually, students become unnecessarily frustrated and either give up, or they learn a “pseudo vibrato” that’s not doing what it is supposed to do: make violin tone beautiful, warm, and resonant.

The simple fact is that vibrato is a set of refined muscular skills that takes time to develop. Many teachers give great explanations on HOW to do it, then expect students to go learn it.

But practicing vibrato every day is what's hard. There is little guidance and virtually no resources on the daily practice of vibrato.


Instructor: Prof. Beth Blackerby

Course | Violin I The Violin Vibrato Trainer ultima modifica: da iClassical Foundation

Language ENGLISH w English and Spanish subtitles

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