musiMentor Course – A Self Management for Musicians Full Course


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Being great at playing is not enough if you want to succeed in the music business! Being a PRO means understanding the basics of promotion and communication and learning how to choose the right media and how to use them effectively. How to be successful in your music career? Learn all about branding, positioning, impressing and convincing promoters, organisers, and your audience! Everything you need to know to have a successful and excellent music career and to become a happy musician.

22 music business instruction videos - topics include:

  • work out your mission and goals as a musician,
  • Build up your online identity,
  • How to write a good biography in three steps,
  • What is networking and how to do it effectively,
  • Generation management - what it is and why you need to understand it
  • Cultural differences in communication
  • How to build your website
    - Structure and Menu
    - Which Platform to use
    - Examples of what works and what not (how does a manager reads your site?)
  • Social media - power and weakness / Overview
    - General overview
    - How to use Facebook
    - How to use Linkedin
    - How to use YT
  • How to write effective emails and messages
    - The do’s and don’ts of writing
    - How to make effective Phone calls
  • Tips and links to enlarge your network
  • Tips and links for other exciting e-learning content
  • Regular updates to the content
  • Access to the closed participants’ group page on Facebook
  • Invitation for monthly Q&A webinars/live FB sessions
  • Access as long as you stay a member att iClassical Academy!
  • The course is in English
  • Course created by musiMentor Instructor Irma de Jong 
musiMentor Course – A Self Management for Musicians Full Course ultima modifica: da iClassical Foundation

Become a PRO in communication and get your 22 music business instruction videos about how to make your self-promotion as a musician. 



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