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"The tools and techniques to process any kind of situation"

Maria Thompson Corley - Piano Advanced Practice Techniques

I was lucky enough to study with Gyorgy Sandor, whose approach was deeply rooted in an awareness of physiology.  Obviously, music should convey emotion, but a pianist who doesn’t think about the small physical adjustments that facilitate that expression will be as limited as a figure skater who doesn’t know how to land a jump. While specific pieces present specific problems, there are general tools that can be applied to solve most of them. In this course, I will touch on my favorites, illustrating with passages from two pieces that cover the gamut: Chopin’s Barcarolle in F Sharp and Debussy’s L’isle joyeuse.


4 instructional videos 
1. Body Position
2. Mental and Physical Subdivisions
3. Additional Strategies
4. Yoga and Pilates Based Exercises


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