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Natalia Lomeiko Masterclasses Dakapp/Naxos - Kreutzer Etudes Series 1

Kreutzer Violin Etudes are known as fundamental violin technique, bridging the gap in the technical proficiency needed to learn more difficult repertoire like the Paganini Caprices.

The Industrial Revolution (ca. 1760) was a changing point in society due to the growth of the capitalist economy. As a result, more people were able to afford and consume music. Playing a musical instrument became more popular during this time, and the demand for teachers and pedagogic material increased. Rodolphe Kreutzer, Pierre Rode, Jacob Dont, and Niccolò Paganini composed and published some of the most famous études and caprices in violin literature during this period.

Études 2 and 5 explore double-stop thirds in perpetual motion. Étude 3 presents double-stop thirds and fourths.


R. Kreutzer Violin Etudes 

  • No. 1 in A minor
    No. 2 in C major
    Duration:  2:06,17
  • No. 3 in C major
    No. 4 in C major
    No. 5 in E-flat major
    Duration 1:05:38

The Masterclasses in this collection are part of the prestigious Dakapp Collections and presented to you in collaboration with Naxos, our partner in media content. ©Dakapp 2015 - recorded in Lisbon

Master Teacher Natalia Lomeiko

Collection | Violin | Natalia Lomeiko Kreutzer Etudes Series 1 ultima modifica: da iClassical Foundation

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