Course | Conducting – Pass the Baton Certificate


Instructor: musiMentor M° Gianmaria Griglio

Certificate Pass the Baton

Participants of the Pass the Baton Course have the possibility of requesting a certificate of completion and will be required to take part in a live video session with M° Gianmaria Griglio. The candidate will be asked to conduct two excerpts (one chosen by the candidate, one by M° Griglio) among the following:

  • Mozart: Symphony n.41 K551, 1st Movement, exposition
  • Beethoven: Symphony n.5, 1st Movement, exposition
  • Dvorak: Serenade for strings (1st Movement)
  • Brahms: Symphony n.1, 4th Movement (Adagio-Allegro up to bar 77)
  • Copland: Appalachian Spring (rehearsal numbers 35 to 38)

To obtain your certificate, M° Griglio will evaluate:

  • Body posture and baton placement
  • Upbeat and clarity of tempo indication (candidate may be asked to conduct part of an excerpt at different tempos)
  • Clarity of tempo changes (accelerando/rallentando and/or immediate tempo changes)
  • Independence of the hands and cueing
  • Breaking patterns

After successful completion of the above procedure, we will send you your official certificate, signed by M° Griglio.

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