BEETHOVEN'S UNIVERSE - The Architects of Music

Beethoven's Universe - Symphony No. 5 in C minor
4th Movement I Part 4-2

The mighty Fifth Symphony

The Architects of Music I  Narration by Lawrence Rapchak

  • The RECAPITULATION, introducing a new, rousing tune and leading to a "runaway" coda, driven by the primal power and energy of the two fundamental chords of Beethoven's universe, the Tonic (C) and the Dominant (G).


And now, the four themes all reappear as we’re headed home. And the stage is now set for a new-sounding theme played by the two bassoons. But is it really a new theme? Whatever it is, it’s a rousing marching tune. And we’re headed to the coda…at breakneck speed with a “runaway” theme…but it sounds familiar.

And we arrive at the closing bars…all in C Major. It’s C Major all the time. No other chord in sight! Before the conclusion, we hear examples of places in other Beethoven works that do the same, including his Mass in C Major. And around the same time Beethoven wrote the Mass, he “applied” to the Imperial Court Theater for an annual stipend. Was his request honored? In any case, we end with the last bars of this immortal composition.

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