BEETHOVEN'S UNIVERSE - The Architects of Music

Beethoven's Universe - Symphony No. 5 in C minor
4th Movement I Part 4-1

The mighty Fifth Symphony

The Architects of Music I  Narration by Lawrence Rapchak

  • A hymn of triumph, but in standard sonata form…except for the surprise return of one of the previous movements.


The finale: a hymn of triumph! But also a standard sonata form with four themes, as is explained in the “play-by-play” technique we use to explain what’s going on. We’ve almost reached the development section but not before hearing about Beethoven’s unusual approach to orchestration in this movement. At this point, Beethoven flipped a seemingly unimportant few notes in the bass to a prominent melody in the violins. Hold on to your hats…we’re headed for a big climax. But after we get there…yet another surprise.

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