BEETHOVEN'S UNIVERSE - The Architects of Music

Beethoven's Universe - Symphony No. 5 in C minor
3rd Movement I Part 3-1

The mighty Fifth Symphony

The Architects of Music I  Narration by Lawrence Rapchak

  • We are plunged back into Beethoven’s world of shadow and mystery, combined with a powerful, fateful march.


This is Beethoven’s “most awesome Scherzo to date.” It starts with a theme that “arises from the depths of the orchestra.” It’s shadowy and eerie, hushed and resigned. But not for long because a “powerful and stern march” bursts forth. And what follows is an example of Beethoven, once again, about to make a “major advance in symphonic writing.”

This is complex stuff, but we hear the Scherzo from the beginning to this point, with a verbal explanation heard over the music in a “play-by-play” section to help explain the genius of Beethoven that is at work here. The Trio section follows. Then, back to the Scherzo, but here we pause with a sidebar to explain how the four-note theme is heard throughout the entire symphony. Is this unusual? Or did Beethoven do this all the time?

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