BEETHOVEN'S UNIVERSE - The Architects of Music

Beethoven's Universe - Symphony No. 5 in C minor
 MovementPart 2-2

The mighty Fifth Symphony

The Architects of Music I  Narration by Lawrence Rapchak

  • The elegant second theme and its unexpected transformation; triumph fades into the gloom.


The “genial and elegant” second theme appears also with the dotted figure. There is an “old world, promenade character to this theme.” But don’t be deceived. The next section is startling: it’s a march! However, it’s soon back to the “gloom.” But before long, we come to a glorious C Major passage. Alas, not for long. Where is Beethoven going? We review the various sections we’ve heard up to this point, and the section ends in a very formal, courtly manner.

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