BEETHOVEN'S UNIVERSE - The Architects of Music

Beethoven's Universe - Symphony No. 5 in C minor
1st MovementPart 1-2

The mighty Fifth Symphony and its iconic 4-note motif

The Architects of Music I  Narration by Lawrence Rapchak

  • The central development section, sometimes mysterious, sometimes tempestuous, leads to the recapitulation and the dynamic, fateful coda.


The Central Development Section begins! It has a “ghostly, gray, misty, slightly creepy feeling.” The music is “raging!” But the creepy feeling is swept away, and we return to the main motive and the recapitulation. But, what’s this? A slow oboe cadenza appears out of nowhere! And, finally, with a “fateful summons,” the coda brings us to the end of this stunning opening movement.

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