Amalia's Course

Bel Canto Singing Technique

Official member of AOTOS, Association of Teachers of Singing

She studied Classical Singing (BA in Music), Piano (level 6), Music Theory (level 8), and she has two professional Diplomas in teaching singing and contemporary techniques (MA vocal Pedagogy). She is a certified singing teacher and VIP vocal Coach for Talent agencies and Musical Productions.

Professional development: Diplomas in Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Speech Level Singing, Vocal Process/Singing, and the Actor, Acting, Dancing (Classical- Contemporary).

From 2014 she started working as a singing teacher in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Since then she had lessons with more than 700 students. She teaches in the Music School of Rotterdam, in the Pop Singing Academy of the Netherlands and at the company Vocaal Regionaal where she vocal coached choirs. She discovered her gift for teaching, her true passion and began building a career in voice pedagogy. She soon developed not only excellent observation skills, but also a tuned ear that allows her to hear many of the acoustic subtleties that hint at technical or articulation errors (e.g., a lowered soft palate, tongue muscles that tense up at the back or sides, etc.) that are often missed or overlooked by untrained listeners and other voice teachers. In less than a year her method of teaching singing became popular in The Netherlands. She works as Vocal Coach for Talent Agencies, Opera and Musical productions all around the Netherlands. She prepares singers for talent shows and productions such as: The Voice, The voiceKids, Xfactor, Disney, Sony Music. Her students have 100% success in their auditions and goals!

Currently she is teaching in Italy and works online with students all around the world!

Amalia is also teaching Bel Canto Singing technique Masterclasses in the Netherlands, England and Greece.

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