Are you looking for a job in the music field?

We listed the world's most important websites to find jobs and other opportunities. In this section, you also discover how to boost your career with online courses, books and useful websites.

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Musical America

Musical Chairs

International Arts Manager

Music Careers

Music Network Australia

Live Nation Entertainment

Sony Music

Universal Music Group




Association Européenne des
Conservatoires, Académies de
Musique et Musikhochschulen

Cité de la Musique

La Letrre du Musicien



United Kingdom


Job listings



Teacher positions

Jobs on Linkedin



It is never too late to learn some “commercial” skills!

What do you need to develop a music career? Here below we list courses and books to learn how to promote yourself and become a musical entrepreneur.



The Self Promoting Musician (book)

Be your own manager (book)

Online courses

Music Biz Academy

Online self-management course

STAMP - shared training activities for musicians

STAMP on YouTube - learn entrepreneurial skills

The EntreMusician

Tips about self-management on Facebook

Courses database search

Free services

Free Studio Time - Free Music Production - Free Music Promotion; Artist can submit 4 songs using instrumentals provided

Every good wine needs a beautiful label to be sold. As well as every good musician needs a proper visibility to achieve the results she/he deserves. That's why we offer to any musician, of any age and level, the possibility to have a page published by MusiXange with an exposer of all the platforms created by iClassical Foundation. The page will contain:

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