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Nora Becker, flutist and teacher

Nora Becker, born 1982 in Berlin, is a flutist with orchestra experience e.g. in the Philharmonia Zürich. In her solo programs, she melts classical and global music and improvisation and handles as well non-musical topics in an artistic and forward-looking way. Nora is an enthusiastic music teacher. She graduated from the Zurich University of the Arts with two master's degrees in orchestral performance and teaching.

My Passion

"I am passionate about a clever merging of different art forms, music styles and science. I love to help others learn this beautiful instrument and can´t wait to realise all the great musical and personal outcomes which may result."

My Desire

"I´m seeking new connections to play more often in orchestra-flute/piccolo, as a soloist, as a member of an ensemble or band, long-term musical partners. I´d love to produce more recordings as well as in-depth music courses for a broader audience of instrumentalists."

My Music

"I want to connect to production managers, concert venues, producers, musicians playing concerts with me; to people interested in taking music lessons in real life as well as online, learning more about performance and musical in-depth-themes."

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