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You will reach thousands of musicians in many countries, a fast growing population!

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Institutional Partners

Sibelius Academy, a pioneer in eLearning, Institutional Partner with iClassical since January 2019

"For both an institution and its teachers, it's a benefit to be exposed all over the world. For us, the importance of bringing the name of Sibelius academy outside of Finland is often a matter of discussion in our meetings. We want the best students, not only in Finland but also worldwide, to know about our school. So iClassical is another good way to achieve this aim."

P. Meller, Senior Lecturer in Violin Music

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"iClassical is a great way to study music without actually playing. It works especially well when you have to travel etc. and cannot practice your instrument. The platform is being updated often with new masterclasses, and that is great. The more material for repertoire, the better. In my opinion it would be ideal to even have masterclasses by different teachers on the same pieces to get more perspective. I am very happy with my experience on iClassical. It has been a good tool and I feel like I have learned useful things - especially from the Bach masterclasses." N. Toivonen

Bachelor student at Sibelius Academy

"The amazing thing about the Bach course is Professor Fried’s ability to organize the Sonatas and Partitas into categories that span all of the works. It is so helpful, for example, to watch a lecture on all three Fugues as a whole while I am only working on one. Discovering the commonalities between the three sonatas helped my understanding and interpretation so much.

The Paganini course has also been incredibly helpful in my studies. Mr. Berman has a great way of breaking down the caprices concisely and explaining clearly what students should do to practice them. With all of the techniques involved in the caprices, it’s been such an asset to be able to watch his tutorials when I am having trouble working out a passage at home.

The benefit of having these videos alongside my weekly lessons at Sibelius Academy is that I have an additional resource to access while I’m practising during the week. If I get stuck and frustrated, it is so easy to log on and get another perspective from one of the lectures in the iClassical Academy." E. Stewart

Master student at Sibelius Academy

From Switzerland to the World

iClassical Academy is a global online organization with official residence in Crans-Montana Switzerland. Our operational team is based in Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US. We work with a professional audio/video team and studio from Milan. Our musical advisors are all professionals; teachers coming from important institutions and musicians with a renowned reputation. The repertoire we propose on our educational platform is of cultural heritage value and is preserved in professionally recorded music videos of the highest quality.

Our mission is to continue the great tradition of supporting, encouraging and giving a voice to those we rely on for the future of classical music: the old, current and young generation of musicians. You can be part of it!

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