Wouter Bergenhuizen

Wouter Bergenhuizen




Wouter Bergenhuizen was born in 1988 in Maastricht from a family of musicians. At the age of only four years old he started his first piano lessons. At age seven, he started to play the clarinet, for which he was taught by his mother. At the age of ten he also started violin lessons, first with Roland van Mil and later with Theodora Geraets. At age twelve he was admitted to the young talent department of the Conservatory of Maastricht with all three instruments.

He finally decided to choose the piano as his main instrument at age sixteen, and continued his musical studies with Marjès Benoist at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

The Franz Liszt Academy

In the year 2008-2009 Wouter studied as an exchange student at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest where he was taught for one year by Gábor Eckhardt. During this year he also took many private lessons with Ferenc Rados, who greatly influenced his playing.

Back in the Netherlands Wouter continued his studies with Jan Wijn, again at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he earned in 2012 his master’s degree.

A Wide Variety in Wouter’s Repertoire

Being widely interested in all the different fields of classical music, Wouter’s repertoire stretches from early to contemporary music. Although he usually performs in concert on the modern piano, Wouter is also highly interested in playing on authentic instruments such as the harpsichord, fortepiano and various romantic pianos. For playing on these instruments, Wouter received lessons from Richard Egarr and Therèse de Goede, and participated in masterclasses with Viviane Sofronitsky and Malcolm Bilson.

On the modern piano Wouter received many lessons and participated in numerous master classes from famous pianists and pedagogues.

A Passion for Chamber Music

Besides playing solo-repertoire, Wouter also has a passion for performing chamber music. He performed with numerous musicians and ensembles, and took chamber music lessons. Since 2013 he is a regular member of the contemporary music group Ensemble ‘88.

Aside from working with instrumentalists, Wouter is particularly fond of performing with singers. To further his goal, he has taken several lessons from Sasja Hunnego, Hein Meens and Valérie Guillorit. In addition, he participated in master classes of Rudolf Janssen and Udo Reinemann.

Since September 2011 Wouter is a piano teacher at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.