Michael Eltom Freimann

Michael Eltom Freimann



Michael Eltom Freimann is a young cello virtuoso. Before reaching his 20th birthday, he completed 10 years of cello studying.

The young cellist was awarded the America-Israel Cultural Foundation’s Scholarship for Cello

Playing from 2009-2014. During the years 2014-15, Michael was awarded the Wolfgang Laufer Memorial Cello Scholarship for Outstanding Merit by the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.

In 2011, Michael joined the Givatayim Conservatory. For 5 years, he participated in the “Mifne” project, initiated by Zubin Mehta, which supports Jewish and Arab children and teenagers who are outstanding music students.

For the last 4 years, he has played in a piano trio with violinist Tal First and pianist Netanel Gruenstein, a trio working as part of The David Goldman Program for Outstanding Young Musicians.

Since 2009, Michael has played at the Mizra Music and Dance College String Chamber Orchestra. As part of this orchestra, he has played as a soloist in several concerts in Israel and in a concert in Vienna in the summer of 2012, in an international orchestra festival.

Michael continues his studies and busy performance schedule in Israel and abroad.