Beste Tanağardıgil

Beste Tanağardıgil



Beste Tanağardigil was born in İzmir, Turkey and joined TRT İzmir Radio Children's Choir as her first musical experience when she was eight years old. İn the 2007-2008 academic year , she became a student at the highschool of İzmir DEU Conservatory and a pupil of associate professor Talia Özlem BALTACILAR .

Beste’s Competition Wins

In the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Piano Competition, organized by the Gümüşlük Piano Festival in July of 2013 , she won the First Prize awarded by both the Jury and the audience and was also awarded for the ' Best Saygun İnterpretation' .

After this competition in the same year she was invited to the Antalya Piano Festival and to the Kamuran Gündemir Young Talent's Concert .

In February of 2014 , she won the First Prize in the Yamaha Competition organized by the İzmir DEU Conservatory. During that same year , she joined masterclasses of Gülsin ONAY ,Kemal GEKİC , Ilya ITIN , Jean-Bernard POMMIER.

She continues her education at İzmir Dokuz Eylül University Conservatory as piano student of Talia Özlem BALTACILAR.